Reasons to Visit the Cancer Center in Alabama

At the Cancer Center in Alabama, a multidisciplinary professional team works intensely to deal with diseases related to cancer. The main purpose is to provide patients with comprehensive care, with the support of a full medical team of the various related specialties, which is responsible for treating patients together to improve each person’s condition and quality of life.


At this particular cancer center, there are professionals from every different specialty, all of them with a particular dedication to oncology. Typical goings-on that happens in a cancer center consist of:


Oncology Gynecology and Urology
Oncology Surgery
Palliative care
Adult and Pediatric Oncology
Plastic surgery
Digestive Surgery

Every procedure room in the Cancer Center in Alabama is designed to handle simple and complex cases. Doctors can work on chronic wounds, cures for post-operative patients, simple procedures such as removal of stitches and braces, and ambulatory procedures of medium complexity, especially central venous catheter withdrawals with simple biopsies, installation, and removal of drains, among others.

What is an ambulatory chemotherapy unit?

Chemotherapy is a powerful tool used in cancer medicine. Drugs are nowadays more sophisticated and safe, and isolated or combined – they are used to block the multiplication of malignant cells. Strict chemotherapy protocols can be administered while the patient remains hospitalized and also, more and more, on an outpatient basis. The Ambulatory Chemotherapy Unit of the Cancer Center in Alabama was created with the purpose of attending to patients who require a short hospital stay for their treatments. In this way, the patient recovers in his/her intimate and daily environment and, by the way, this option contributes to a decrease in the costs of care and to the prevention of associated infections. Cancer Care in Alabama has never been better.

Most cancer center units have something called “points of attention”. Each employee who works here is highly trained in hematological and oncological pathologies and the focus of their work is humanized and quality care. They are committed to continuous training not only for the staff but also for the patients and their families. This group includes nurses, nursing technicians and administrative staff and, of course, the physicians.

Palliative care

A palliative care program has the participation of a coordinated interdisciplinary team – integrated by doctors, nurses, psychologists, and kinesiologists – that develop tasks in the different levels of care: hospital, outpatient centers, and domiciliary. Each Cancer Doctor in Anniston takes their time to ensure each and every patient is well-cared for throughout their stay and even when the patient leaves the center.